The Essential Oils Quickstart Program

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On Sale Now for $37

Unlock the Essential Oils Quickstart Program: Includes the online course +  comprehensive workbook + DIY recipes

On Sale Now for Just $37

What's in the Quickstart Program?

The 4-Part Online Course Essential Oils Quickstart Program (a $200 value)

  • Module 1: EOs & Home Environment: eliminate chemicals and replace with easy, safe, and clean options

  • Module 2: EOs & Health: improve sleep, support detox and strengthen bodily systems

  • Module 3: EOs, Emotions & Mindset: help your body and mind release and recover

  • Module 4: Creative Ways to Use EOs: variety of ways to benefit your day-to-day life

The 80 page full-color comprehensive E-workbook full of recipes, exercises, references, resources, and more (a $49 value)

  • This interactive workbook p and guide leads you through the Quickstart Program with ease

  • Contains easy-to-follow checklists, activities, references, and essential oil recipes
  • Full color and beautifully designed ebook

Master Essential Oils Quickly

The Essential Oils Quickstart Bundle has everything you need. It covers the most important, fundamental applications and uses of essential oils. In addition, you’ll also receive a simple-to-follow, interactive workbook to help you along the way.

What Others Are Saying

"Samantha! I just had to write and tell you that I love your Quickstart Course! I've learned so much about essential oils and I've already started changing up so many things in my home and personal care routine thanks to you. I love all the recipes and ideas and interested facts I never knew before. I also like how easy the course was to follow and the gorgeous workbook! "

Mandu B.

"THANK YOU so much for all of your invaluable information. I am was anxious to get started using essential oils, and now I feel totally prepared to dive in. I truly am very grateful for all you are doing to help me and countless others. You are a gem!"

Carole S.

"Samantha is wholesomely down to earth, thoughtful, and caring. She is so professional and straightforward, yet has such a soothing, relaxing, demeanor. I am learning so much from her lessons! I now feel comfortable to start using essential oils in so many different ways to improve my life. Thank you for all your intelligence, wisdom, and kindness."

Salem K.

100% Money Back Guarantee

With Essential Oils Quickstart there's no risk! Try it out, and if you feel like this isn't the right course for you within 30 days of joining, we'll give you a full refund.


Today You Become Clear About Essential Oils...Stop Feeling Confused and Start Feeling Free!

Don't wait...I can't guarantee the course will stay at this low price for long. We have a set number of spots reserved at this rate and once we fill up, this exclusive offer goes away for good!

This is your first step towards mastering essential oils and feeling confident and safe in their many uses. Let's get started!


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