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REDUCED PRICE - The Total Healthy Home Makeover Course

Hey hey, so here's the thing...healthy living shouldn't be something only the "elite" can achieve, amma-right?! AND it shouldn't be something you stress your poor little heart over constantly either.

You CAN create a home environment that doesn't just keep you from getting sick, but actually nourishes you –– body, soul, and spirit. 

I put together this 5-step online program to help you create a toxin-free home environment that's healthier for you, your family, and your pets AND wouldn't break the bank.

You can purchase and start anytime (although I can't guarantee this low-price forever).

It comes with 5 In-Depth Modules, Replay Q&A and DIY sessions with Samantha Lee Wright, Easy-to-Follow Checklists, The Ultimate Product Buying Guide (over 200 vetted options), Hundreds of DIY Recipes & more. Also comes with Bonus Guides - Essential Oil Safety for Kids and Pets, and Safe Disposal of Toxic Chemicals.

The first half of the program we focus on eliminating hidden toxins from your home, and replacing them with healthier options. The second half of the program, we focus on mastering your skills in essential oils, and turning your home into an oasis that supports your health goals and nourishes your soul.

Each module, we'll go room by room, category by category so that you're able to complete the program feeling like you live in a completely new and transformed home.

You'll have access to replay Q&A's, recorded DIY sessions, and Downloadable Ebooks and PDFs.

We'll focus on 4 outcomes for you during this course:

  1. You'll have a higher level of Essential Oils Mastery and Expertise
  2. You'll be able to identify and eliminate common household toxins in your home
  3. You'll be able to replace those toxins with health-enriching products containing essential oils
  4. You'll create a home environment that you can fall in love with.

[This REDUCED-PRICE version of the Healthy Home Makeover Program does NOT include access to live sessions or  a community forum (this was part of the live-course, so you may hear mention of these in the recording). This version gives you access to all course materials and is a go-at-your-own pace course.]