Finding concrete information on essential oils sucks. The conflicting opinions and sheer volume of information makes knowing who to trust nearly impossible. 


That’s why I made this: The Complete Guide to Essential Oils - Everything you could possibly want to know, all in one place. 

I’ve poured my heart and soul into researching essential oils for the past 6 years and this guide is the product of those labors. My information comes from thousands of hours of research and countless interviews with essential oil leaders.


All of this content was originally just for my Exclusive Essential Oils Insiders, but after hearing how much they loved it, I decided that everyone should have access to this amazing resource. 

And you can get it all...for JUST $79. 


Why? Because I would have killed for something like this when I started my oily journey but money was tight and I could only afford something in this price range. This is my chance to give back.


A detailed look at what's inside:

When you buy this guide you’ll get a collection of over 45 in-depth lessons, plus recipes, handouts, articles, and more. It’s the perfect guide whether you’re just getting started with oils or ready to take your knowledge to the next level. Start using essential oils safely and confidently. 

You'll get:

  • Recordings of Interviews with sought-after oil educators
  • Fun & power packed expert lessons on various essential oil topics
  • Profile articles on more than a dozen of the most popular oils
  • Cheat sheets for oil dilution, pregnancy, and internal consumption
  • And more!
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What Customers Are Saying...


"This is the absolute BEST oil group I’ve ever been a part of. Samantha is so genuine in her passion for helping others learn about their oils. She keeps things real –– it feels like girl time! I now have the confidence to share with others and I have tangible ways to use oils for my own health. Thank you for everything you do Sam!"


“I can’t thank you enough for this group! I was just getting into oils but felt WAY overwhelmed with all the craziness out there. I finally found your group and it was like a cloud of confusion just lifted away. I love how simple and straightforward you keep things. The level of experts and lessons are amazing! I feel like I’m getting a PhD level education but in words I can understand and for less than what I spend on Netflix! Thank you!”


"Thank you for your informative and entertaining trainings. You've made me feel more confident using and sharing my oils even more than my oils rep! It was by listening and watching your lessons that I was able to feel comfortable using my oils and sharing about them with others."

Why Essential Oil Insiders?


When I first started using essential oils I felt SO confused! The internet was telling me all sorts of scary horror stories that made me almost give up using essential oils altogether.

Were they safe for my kids?

Could I use them while pregnant?

What's the proper dilution ratio?

I had so many questions, and nowhere to get concrete, unbiased answers from.

I wanted to create a space free from the hype, and free from the fear-mongering so commonly found online. A place where normal, everyday people like me could empower themselves with the knowledge of how to use these amazing tools.

I knew oils worked, because I was getting instant results in all areas of my life. Better sleep, better mood, calmer kids, less colds and flus. But I wasn't always sure if I was "doing it right." I wanted to learn more. I wanted to know everything I could about these amazing bottles of oil.

Over the years I've used my close-knit community of insiders to hone into the real questions and answers that everyday people like me and you, have.

Their feedback helped me create the most comprehensive Guide to Essential Oils ever. 

You Get Lifetime Access to the Entire Essential Oil Insiders Content

Learn from over 45 in-depth modules

Enjoy hours of content on-demand, at YOUR PACE


Some member favorites includes:

  • Lowering Stress, Fatigue, & Boosting Your Mood
  • Better Sleep & Improved Energy
  • Essential Oils for Hormones, Menopause, Libido, and Romance
  • Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, Babies, and Kids
  • Essential Oils for Kids Emotions
  • Essential Oils and EMFs
  • Cooking with Essential Oils
  • Advance EO Chemistry
  • What's the Controversy with Cats?
  • Is Internal Use Safe?
  • DIY Ideas for the Holidays
  • Essential Oils and Lyme Disease
  • CBD & Essential Oils
  • Boosting the Immune System Naturally
  • DIY Cleaning & Ditch and Switch Made Easy
  • Naturally Radiant Skin w/ Essential Oils

Plus even more extensive content within the Essential Oil Insider's library of lessons

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Grab this in-depth resource to expand your knowledge, eliminate confusion, and build confidence in your love of essential oils!


With Essential Oil Insiders, there's no risk! Try it out for 14 days, and if you feel like this isn't the right fit for, ask for a refund within 14 days of purchase and we'll oblige no questions asked.