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5-Week Essential Oil
Healthy Home Makeover


A 5-Week Program to Create a Toxin Free Home Environment
That's Healthier for You, Your Family, and Your Pets. 

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Detox Your Home

Eliminate 100's of toxic household products that silently rob people of their health, and know exactly how to replace them.

Essential Oils Mastery

Develop mastery on how to use essential oils, essential oil products, and other natural alternatives to experience a healthier home and life.

Create a Healthy Home You Love

When your home supports your health goals and the lifestyle that you desire... it's easier to rest, relax, and experience a higher quality of life. 

What is the 5-Week Essential Oil Healthy Home Makeover?

This is a five week online course that students have immediate and lifespan access to as soon as they purchase.

We'll have replays of live sessions from when this course was once available as a live course only. You'll be able to access the recordings and course materials to watch at your own time.

The first half of the program we focus on eliminating hidden toxins from your home, and replacing them with healthier options. The second half of the program, we focus on mastering your skills in essential oils, and turning your home into an oasis that supports your health goals and nourishes your soul.

Each module, we'll go room by room, category by category so that you're able to complete the program feeling like you live in a completely new and transformed home.

You'll have access to replay Q&A's, recorded DIY sessions, and Downloadable Ebooks and PDFs.

We'll focus on 4 outcomes for you during this course:

  1. You'll have a higher level of Essential Oils Mastery and Expertise
  2. You'll be able to identify and eliminate common household toxins in your home
  3. You'll be able to replace those toxins with health-enriching products containing essential oils
  4. You'll create a home environment that you can fall in love with.

"Samantha Wright is a tireless educator, dedicated to teaching others about essential oils and healthy living. The best part is that she is not just a teacher, but she embodies what she teaches. She has also gone above and beyond to help me; she has mentored me as I started my podcast, she showed me to always deliver programs that are meaningful, informative, and mutually beneficial to all parties involved... and is entertaining. A real gem!"

Lindsey Elmore
PharmD, BCPS

Meet Your Mentor

Samantha Lee Wright

Host of the world's #1 essential oil podcast, The Essential Oil Revolution, with over 3 Million views... Samantha Lee Wright teaches others how to use essential oils to bring better health and happiness to their lives. 
Samantha is leading this 5-Week Essential Oils Healthy Home Makeover program to help people clear out all of the toxins lying around the house, replace them with healthy alternatives, and create a home oasis that you'll love to live in. 

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Hey, it’s Samantha here...

If you’re like me, you dove into essential oils because you had some lingering health issue that was bothering you. Instead of just taking a bunch of pills, you wanted to find a more natural approach to resolve the issue. You wanted to empower yourself to feel better by learning about and using essential oils. That’s how I got started too. 

The problem is that in 2020, just going about your normal life, there’s invisible toxins all around us. 

The average household has 64 toxic products and any one of them can contain 10s or even 100s of toxic ingredients. All of these chemicals, metals, and toxics that you’re exposed to stack on top of each other to create what’s called your 'toxic load'. They're invisible, but they add up, over time them can make you sick, and you may not even know why. 

There’s two ways that someone’s toxic load causes issues:
1- The amount of chemicals interacting with your body can cause health issues.
2- You may be allergic or sensitive to one or a group of toxins that’s causing symptoms. 

The truth is, if you use essential oils for health, but haven’t cleared toxins from your environment… It’s like taking one step forward, and two steps back...

The ‘Green Marketing’ and ‘Healthy Product’ industry doesn’t help either. Since, being healthy is the latest fad. Big brands have caught on. They’ll label things as 'Natural', 'Organic', and highlight the things that are not included, but when you dig into it, they still contain tons of toxic ingredients. With everyone marketing to try to get you to buy their product, it’s hard to know what you can really trust.

You may be thinking, “Right Samantha, but it’s impossible to get rid of all of the toxins”... You know what? You’re right. It's 2020, and unless you want to live in a sterilized bubble, you're not going to be able to avoid all toxins. BUT… You can avoid 80-90% or more of your toxin exposure by doing this one thing… Remove toxins from and optimize your home environment, the place where you have the most control over, and you spend the most time.

Most people I speak to in the essential oils community want a healthier home, and they’ve done a few things to get started, but with so many products and toxin sources, it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start. 

I believe that you deserve to have a healthy home. A place that lights you up. A place you know that every time you walk into it, you are in a health-nourishing environment. I want you to fall in love with your home again.

So I wanted to make it easy for you… Room-by Room... Product-by-Product…. I want to show you exactly how to do it. 

While we’re on this journey, I want you to develop Essential Oils Mastery. That means that you’re using your oils to their fullest benefit. That you’ve developed a level of mastery around the oils, and know how to use them for anything life throws your way. We’re going to do that in 4 steps.

Step 1 - You’ll become a label ninja, and know exactly what’s safe to use on your body, and keep in your house. 

Step 2 - You’re going to identify and clear a multitude of toxins in your home.

Step 3 - You’ll surround yourself and your home with health-nourishing products in a way that's affordable.

Step 4 - You’ll create the home oasis you've always dreamed of, and fall in love with your home again.

For 5 weeks, we are going to transform the place you live into a healthy home that you love.  

If you want to detox your home, develop mastery around essential oils, and create a home that you love to live in, join me on this 5-week journey. 

Samantha Lee Wright

5-Week Essential Oil Healthy Home Makeover

A 5-Week Program to Create a Toxin Free Home Environment That's Healthier for You, Your Family, and Your Pets.

Week 1
Household Cleaning That's Healthy For You

  • Identify which of your household cleaning products are loaded with toxic ingredients.
  • Discover our recommended products that contain essential oils and health-enriching ingredients.
  • Know how to make quick & easy DIY essential oil recipes that'll save you tons of money.

Week 2 
Toxin Free Body Care & Beauty

  • Learn to make body care products with essential oils that are as good or better than store-bought.
  • Discover beauty products that work just as well as conventional without the harmful ingredients.
  • How to protect yourself from toxic chemicals and metals entering your skin, lungs, and bloodstream.

Week 3
Hidden Household Toxins

  • Discover the wide variety of seemingly harmless household items that contain chemicals and toxins. 
  • Choose between DIY products you make yourself, or store-bought healthier alternatives.
  • Gain confidence that you can find and eliminate household toxins that may lead to health challenges.

Week 4
Create A Home Oasis That You Love

  • Once you eliminate & replace toxic products, move on to create your ideal home environment.
  • Discover how to create 'nooks' that support hobbies and activities that you love.
  • Install 'Healthy Home Enhancing' product and technology that can make you feel more at home.

Week 5
Essential Oils Wellness Cabinet

  • Discover the 'must have' essential oils that cover 90% or more of the everyday health challenges.
  • Discover advanced techniques to help you get the most out of your essential oils.
  • How to prioritize using essential oils vs other alternative health options. 

Bonus Week
Deeper Dive Into Home Wellness

  • Understand how to purify the air and drinking water in your home in a way that's cost effective.
  • How to clean, cook, and store food in a way that minimizes your toxin exposure. 
  • How to protect yourself from invisible toxins like EMFs, Mold, and more.

Additional PDF's, Ebooks, and Resource Guides...

The most comprehensive collection of resources on how to identify and replace toxic chemicals with healthy essential oil alternatives.

Toxic Ingredient Lists For Common Household Products

Carry these cheat sheets in your bag to instantly know how to read labels for your most common household product purchases.

Ultimate Essential Oil DIY Guide

Access the comprehensive guide to create your own DIY essential oil products that can replace toxic products that are lying around the house.

Healthier Home Product Shopping Guide

Get our buyers guide with over 100 recommended natural products, many of which contain essential oils. This guide contains links so you can easily buy online.


How To use Essential Oils With Pets and Kids

So many people are afraid to use essential oils with their kids or their pets. Not anymore! This guide will help you safely use EOs with your kids and furry friends.


How to Safely Dispose Of Toxic Products

As you clear toxic products out of your house. This helps you make sure you have a way to dispose of them that has as little environmental impact as possible.

"I can't believe how much I've learned in these past 5 weeks! My whole home has changed from top to bottom and I feel amazing! When I look to buy a product I know EXACTLY what to look for, and if I'm not satisfied I have everything I need to make it myself. And thanks to your course I really do feel like an oil master now! Thank you!"

Sandra S.
Healthy Home Makeover Graduate

"This course is what I needed to take small steps in making my home safe from harmful chemicals."

Dinah K.
Healthy Home Makeover Graduate

"Samantha, THANK YOU so immensely for such a well presented, most resourceful, impactful course. You are great fun, inspiring and resourcefully helpful. Truly your work is spreading the health and wealth to us all. Many, many thanks."

Lani E
Healthy Home Makeover Graduate

"Amazing resource, thank you! "

Kimberley L.
Healthy Home Makeover Graduate

5-Week Essential Oils Healthy Home Makeover

5-Week Essential Oils Healthy Home Makeover Program


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Bonus Guide - Essential Oil Safety for Kids and Pets

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Your 5-Week Program access begins as soon as you purchase

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